Lab-as-a-service concept for R&D-intensive start-ups

The idea and people behind Open Kitchen Labs

What is Open Kitchen Labs?

The concept of Open Kitchen Labs comes forth from a need for affordable laboratory space. R&D-intensive start-ups and businesses require a high-end laboratory space where they can advance their processes and develop their products. However, the cost and time investments for such a laboratory are very high, raising a barrier that prevents these companies from flourishing. 


Our shared laboratory space tackles this by providing gym membership-like subscriptions that allow entrepreneurs to get part-time of full-time access to our facilities, depending on their needs. Our laboratory is fully serviced, which, ensures that employees don’t have to spend time and money on the laborious task of setting up and maintaining a lab and instead can focus on accelerating their business. 


The Open Kitchen Labs concept creates an environment where R&D-intensive start-ups can meet, exchange contacts and even collaborate. Our location in Amsterdam comes with all the benefits associated with a metropole: great representation, easy access by public transport and a rich business environment. Open Kitchen Labs is located at Science Park, which houses not only the prestigious University of Amsterdam but also a large amount of high-tech businesses and business services.

Meet the team members