Lab-as-a-service concept for R&D-intensive start-ups



  • Glassware, heating & stirring plates, weighing scales, rotary evaporator, oven
  • General lab consumables & disposables



  • Fumehood, workbenches, storage space
  • Waste pickup
  • Daily assistance of lab manager
  • Ordering chemicals
  • Meeting rooms



  • Support with subsidies
  • Research collaborations with academic research groups at the UvA
  • Business services from ACE on campus

Open Kitchen Labs is closely associated with Spark904. Spark904 can provide you with superior chemical analysis & technical know-how to accelerate your R&D activities. You can access their services such as:

  • R&D Consultancy
  • Analytical & spectroscopic services , e.g. NMR, UV-VIS, FT-IR, GC and more